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May 2, 2010

JeJEmOnS and the so called JEJE-Busters

Its new, its scary, and its spreading like a virus! The JeJEmOnS or should I say, the JeJEm0n mEnT4L1tY. (Dude I'm telling you! its hard to type like that)

Urban Dictionary define JeJEm0nS as a group of people who uses sticky-caps of typing, they are also addressed as uneducated retards.

But UrbanDictionary.com is a free for all site wherein you can add a word and give it your own definition, therefore karlenohwhirl, the first person to define JeJEm0n is definitely a JEJE-Buster, why? because he/she define them in the meanest way he/she can.

karlenohwhirl also defined JEJE-Buster on UrbanDictionary.com. She defined it as:
JEJE-Busters A group of people who called themselves grammar vigilantes who embarrasses JeJEm0nS.

Therefore, the root of all this "JEJE-stuff" is because of karlenohwhirl.

The most famous JeJEm0n over the internet is the so called Lil' Zuplado. His picture is all over the internet, that includes a photo of his network sites profile, wherein his Bio is purely written in JEJE form.
The real name of this internet celebrity (lol) is untraceable, if anyone knows his real name, please do comment it on this post, I will greatly appreciate it.
Lil' Zuplado's name and photo have been put to shame. A lot of sites, specially networking sites made fun of this profile picture and keep on re-posting it as a joke along with all the other JeJEm0nS.

The most popular JEJE-Buster page on the internet would be the "GOTTA KILL 'EM ALL JEJEMON! :)))". On this facebook page, JEJE-Busters show all their grieves on JeJEm0nS, even though I don't really know where that grieve came from, and why do they feel such for those people.

I guess the reason is that, they are just trying to fit in. Its like, "Hey, I also type like this, I never thought that its a joke to other people, better stop writing like this and start busting those people who type like this so that the joke won't be on me, it'll be on them". That kind of mentality is running on the minds of those people.

They call themselves JEJE-Busters, but all they do is made fun of those people who don't even mean any harm to them, they're not even doing anything that could actually stop the spread of this JeJEm0n mEnT4L1tY, its more like JEJE-Haters and not JEJE-Busters to me.

JeJEm0nS Sanctuary
If there are people who shames being a JeJEm0n and hides themselves as the so called JEJE-Busters, there are also JeJEm0nS who are proud of themselves, and still continue their style of writing and fashion.

At JeJEm0n.CoM, JeJEm0nS gather together and chat in their way, JeJEm0n.CoM is also having a competition for the best JeJEm0n LoG0 dEs1gN.

It's an all fun site for JeJEm0nS without making fun of other people, not like what the so called JEJE-Busters do.

The Jologs-inator
Its a php page wherein a script is made to translate your normal typing structure into a JEJE-form. It was fun, but reading it made me dizzy big time!

Authors Note:
JeJEm0nS are just normal people just expressing their style and personality trough typing in that way. We must learn to respect their style, just like how we respect ourselves. If you don't like it, then don't search for it.

End this JeJEm0n mEnT4L1tY. People specially teens, uses this mentality just to fit in, just to look cool. But let me ask you something, People who haven't done anything wrong to you, a person you don't even know personally, Is making fun of them and shaming them looks cool to you?

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  1. i think it's done to make them look clever, it fails of course.